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Home Organizing & Organized Movers

Upward Home Organization specializes in organized moves and home organization of all kinds! We aim to take all of the chaos out of your home or moving transition. Creating customized, functional and beautifully designed solutions for your spaces.

Tara Floyd, Owner of Upward Home Organization 


Upward Home Organization is a licensed, NAPO certified Professional home Organization & Moving company based out of South Florida. Now serving all of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.  

We Make your House a Home

Organized Moving

Moving can be a stressful transition. Upward brings a new form of luxury moving. Our professionally organized moving service carefully helps you and your family pack, move, unpack and organize your new home without you needing to lift a finger. Seamlessly moved from one house to your next home. Dishes in place. Pictures hung. Beds made….The difference is in the details. Allow Upward to handle the stress next time you are in the market for a moving company.

Home Staging & Organization

Upward takes home staging a step above. Beginning with purging, packing and storing 40-60% of your belongings, we simplify the functionality of your home. This makes the selling and moving transition unbelievably easier for you and your family. Then, we skillfully repair and design your spaces to accommodate a buyer’s ability to visualize their family in your home. Doing all of this, we guarantee your home will be under contract faster and your list price will increase 7-10%!


Downsizing can be an easy and painless experience with the right people to make the process peaceful and exciting. “Less is more,” takes on a fun new meaning as my team carefully removes excess and oversized pieces from your life, while giving more efficient and practical things greater value and purpose. Whether you are retiring or simply wanting to live minimally, my team is perfect for creating the frame work of this new phase of life

Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Organization Upkeep

In addition to home organization, we also offer follow up services. We can schedule an upkeep appointment to fit your scheduling and organizational needs to help maintain the efficiency of the home or office once our team has done an initial full home or office organization.

Extensive Home and Office Organization

This is a process that begins with purging excess items. We carefully go through the cluttered spaces and decide together if the things you own are useful or clutter. It’s a beautiful journey that allows our clients to see the space with new eyes. The next step in our process is to haul off anything that you have decided to relinquish to your local donation location, recycle facility, or waste management facility. Then, the fun begins. We will have a clean slate for us to begin customizing you space to function its best for you whether in your home or at your office. While doing this, we will update the space with a design that will best suit your taste and style while remaining inside your allowed budget. These services include but are not limited to painting, refinishing or repurposing furniture, cleaning to make everything shine and implementing organizational systems.

About Upward Home Organization

My name is Tara and as the mother of two rambunctious little boys, I can understand as much as anyone, the need for structure and order to keep the wheels of life in motion. That is how Upward came to be – motherhood while juggling life and its stresses. My team specializes in taking your chaotic spaces and custom designing organizational system to tailor fit your household needs. Our goal is to increase the functionality of your space while also focusing on design and aesthetic.

Clever Clutter Relief

“Clever Clutter Relief” means we can work within any and all time or budget constraints. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, attention to detail and 100% discretion.

We are competitively priced and confident we can bring peace and order to even the most neglected spaces of your home.

“Clutter isn’t necessarily just the mess on your desk, in your closets, or in the attic. It is anything that prevents you from having the life you’ve imagined.”  – Tara Floyd, Owner of Upward Home Organization 

Declutter your Home & Mind





No project is too big or too small. Let the experts at Upward Home Organization help you transform your home.

Hiring Upward for our impending move was the best decision I have ever made. Not only was she efficient and professional, she was unendingly kind about our mess. She literally went through every drawer and every cluttered disorganized niche in my home. Not only was my house organized but it is now abundantly easier to clean now that all of my things have a place. She took all of the stress out of staging, packing and organizing all of my things. Placing priority on the things that are most important to me and helping us let go of the junk that added stress to our lives...

Cailie Duvall

Tara was incredible in helping me declutter and reorganize my house and home in just a few days! Very professional, focused, compassionate and effective...not to mention incredibly cost, time, and effort efficient. When we were done my youngest son came home and immediately proclaimed "this is amazing...I feel so free!"...and he has continued to enjoy and use the systems Tara taught us to keep his own spaces "free" and organized (not a little thing for a 12 year old)...as have I...thanks again Tara!

Syd Speer

The experience I had with the Upward Organization company and Tara personally was something life changing! I have a hectic busy life with five kids and a full time job. Tara and her crew came into my home and helped tremendously with weeding out all the unnecessary belongings we had piling up. I am now able to breathe in peace and cleanliness.

Whitney Stanley

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